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Domeniul Bogdan - Tasting Room

Domeniul Bogdan - Tasting Room

Authors: arh. Alexandru Ofrim, arh. Otilia Sorete Arbore, arh. Adrian Musat
Firm: ateliero

Producator masa: Atelier Vast
Mobilier custom: Modul Design Furniture
Pardoseala beton aditivat: Grisco Construct
Tencuiala beton: Ir Colours - Leonard Horvat

Authors’ Comment

In designing the tasting room at Domeniul Bogdan's Technologic Winery in Medgidia, Constanta county, we wanted to separte the actual reception - waiting area from the tasting room itself thus creating two separate spaces for any events at the winery.
This was made possible by placing library-like furniture made of wood and marble. This type of furniture repeats itself throughout the design in other forms but same materials thus creating a sense of unity and continuity.
The main tasting area is dominated by the 5.60 meter long table made from oak wood and corian inlays, crafted by Atelier Vast.