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Two by Two Coffee and Vintage

Two by Two Coffee and Vintage

Authors: arh. Ștefan Păvăluță, arh. Ana-Maria Oancea

Basorelief: Cristian Frone
Mobilier: Bogdan Petru
Banca exterior: Kunst Atelier
Photo: Vlad Albu

Authors’ Comment

A corner house that gets a second life. In the beginning, there was a high ground floor with a store of objects and accessories made by Romanian designers. The garden and the residence remained in (almost) direct connection with the street.
The cafe and vintage clothing store transforms a former car garage, positioned perpendicular to the street and open across the entire width, into a "room" that you can access from the street. The general plan is composed of different rooms, connected to each other.
The car ramp becomes access and the garden, a mirror of the interior space.
In the design process, I continued with the common table, the key element of the TwoMinutes coffee shop and gravitated with the rest of the missing pieces around it. In this scenario, the main counter has no equivalent limits, but determines different areas of distance and proximity where customers can interact with each other or with the barista, being accessible on both sides. This area is completed by other seating areas for customers and some furniture inserts to support the coffeeshop function. The furniture is made of solid wood, with a design oriented more towards detail than towards visible surfaces. The general image of the cafe is balanced by the various elements and visual details – lighting fixtures, products for sale, glasses, utensils, menu and last but not least, a bas-relief made by Cristian Frone, especially for TwobyTwo.