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Ave Forchetta

Ave Forchetta

Authors: arh. Iuliana Dinca, arh. Alexandra Tornea, arh. Szonda Hanna, arh. Madalina Clucerescu, arh. Diana Dachin
Firm: Picktwo Studio SRL

Authors’ Comment

Italian-inspired restaurant on the ground floor of the Tandem building in Matei Millo str. The concept started from the desire to have an open kitchen, in direct relation with the dining room. Starting from the concept of Italian cuisine, in which the focus is on products and the method of preparation, Ave Forchetta brings culinary art to its customers.

But the culinary art comes with a contemporary adaptation and translation, and this is also seen in the interior design project, in which we integrated a series of classic elements made of neon / spectral tube. In the center of the dining room I placed the sketch of Mona Lisa holding a fork.

The chromatic inspiration comes from the south of Italy, where green, orange, yellow colors are present.