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J House

București, România
Authors: arch. Christian Andres BEROS CONTRERAS, arch. Esenghiul ABDUL, arch. Claudia TRUFAȘ, arch. Roxana DUMITRIU, Iulian BINDAR / BEROS ABDUL +
Collaborators: Structura: ing. Florin Cimpanu (Estacons SRL)
Instalații: ing. Florin Mihailov (Mavca Stuf SRL)
Executant: Medcons SRL


Authors’ Comment

J House project started as the need to renovate a 1960’s house. The intervention meant to maintain only the walls of the ground floor, while a new structure was designed for the first floor.
The desires of the client were to bring more light to the interior and to create a better integration between the two floors . Two inner voids were proposed; the first one holds the staircase and its vertical line it’s accentuated with a skylight on top. The second void was proposed in top of the living room; this space illuminates the inner core of the house, but also articulates all the spaces in between.
The difference between the new and the old has been accentuated in the exterior envelope through the use of an anthracite fiber-cement panel as the skin for a ventilated façade, against and off-white render of the existing walls on the groundfloor. Materials that were removed, were recycled and upgraded, reused and reinstalled as finishings or furniture for the new project, reducing the resources and environmental impact of demolition, and rubble dumping.
40 sqm of solar panels installed on the south side of the roof generate enough power for the whole house in clear days.

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