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București, România
Authors: arch. Liviu Zăgan, arch. Costin Beekman, arch. Răzvan Armeanu, arch. Anca Ionescu / PZP Arhitectura
Collaborators: JLL
MC General Constructâ
Cosmin Dragomir

Authors’ Comment

The objective of the design reflects the transition of the raw material to the finished product through an antithesis materiality : clean-stained, transparent-opaque, continuous-fragmented.
The rough space is emphasized by the tradition, work and research that stays behind the finished product. It is an open-space type, bounded by straight lines, pronounced by linear luminaires. The fragmented ceiling that allows see-through to its skeleton installation, its negative green islands representation in the horizontal plane and the "structural" elements that hide storage spaces, are components of the same area.
The "immaculate" zone depicts the client's company's goal- perfection , and it materializes through encapsulated transparent conference rooms.

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