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Carrefour Offices

București, România
Authors: arch. Ștefan Alberto Bianco, arch. Monica Trașcă, arch. Irina Buică, arch. Mihai Pavel, arch. Radu Rechițeanu / PROGRAPHIC ARCHITECTURE STUDIO
Collaborators: Proiectant instalatii: General Instal Comp.

Authors’ Comment

"Double personality" is the project concept. This is achieved through a contrast between two areas with different functions. Simplicity prevails in the meeting area and offices by simple shapes and materials, but also through chromatics, where white dominates besides different accents of color that personalize each space. The spaces have a modern, minimalist, simple, bright and colorful character. The switch to a different style is performed in the seating area which is described as industrial, robust and dark. The atmosphere is illustrated through the ceiling ventilation tubes, the lighting fixtures made of wood pallets and the desk lamps. The vintage style of the Kitchen and the dining area also conveys a strong industrial feeling, in contrast with the meeting and office area. Due to the chosen materials, the space renders a great vintage atmosphere, through the design of the furniture and their color. We managed to build a space where two totally different styles blend harmoniously.

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