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Hermes Business Campus

București, România
Authors: arch. Adrian Cristescu, arch. Liviu Sârb, arch. Adrian - Mihai Ignat, arch. Ștefan Niculiță / West Group Architecture
Collaborators: Proiectant MEP: Pipe Design;
Proiectant structuri: Iterum Construct;
Antreprenor general: Octagon.

Authors’ Comment

GBA - 125,500 sq.m.
Ideally located in the administrative district of ​​Pipera, north of Bucharest, the Hermes Business Campus real estate complex benefits from an exceptional location and accessibility.
Located near the two most important airports of the city, the city’s business district is also connected to the urban public transport network and is located just opposite the main metro station.
The new office development will be formed of three main buildings as follows:Building A, Building B, Building C.
The works for the first phase were completed in 2014 and the offices are fully leased. The end of the second phase is planned for the first quarter of 2016.

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