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  • Prize of the “corporate architecture” section

Blum Romania

Otopeni, jud. Ilfov, România
Authors: arch. Adela Antoniu, arch. Serban Antoniu, arch. Alexandru - Mihai Popescu, arch. Mihai Bercea / SC S&A ARHILAB SRL
Collaborators: Rezistenta: Energoproiect;
Instalatii: Vladalex, CES Consulting;
Antreprenoriat: MCR Structural Construct

Authors’ Comment

For over 60 years, the Austrian company's-Blum- fittings technologies for furniture are perfecting motion. Therefore our concept for their new headquarters in Romania was "the perception of motion".
The project was developed on the existing volume of the old Blum building, that was extended with a new level to house showroom and office areas. On this occasion, the building was given a new identity.
Its position on DN1 road context- being perceived mainly from the speed of the car- gave us further reasons for choosing a dynamic architectural expression.
This dinamic perception was materialised by using vertical shading blades on the facades, that are painted anthracite gray on one side and orange (Blum brand colour) on the other side. They also give protection against noise.
In the neutral/ open position, the vertical blades make the building seem orange coming from Bucharest and gray coming from Ploiesti. In addition, the blades are electrically operated from the inside. Depending on the users' wishes concerning shading, the facade is changing, being in permanent motion during the day.

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