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  • Nomination for the “corporate architecture” section

Stratulat Albulescu Offices

București, România
Authors: arch. Elena Dragu, arch. Cosmin Anghelache, arch. Irina Plopeanu / SYAA
Collaborators: Mobila si riflaje: Except Custom Solutions
Sape pardoseli: Grisco Construct
Constructor: Conart Group

Authors’ Comment

The design concentrates on creating a representative space, elegant but without the specific stiffness of a lawyer office. The natural slatted wood and curved lines create a cozy, relaxed seating, improving the restricted palette of colors ( grays ) and cold materials ( screeds, concrete, metal).
We also tried, with the help of the suggested design elements, a detachment of context and building envelope (a hectic and overwhelming space due to low height, large beams and atypical angles): all the existing elements were painted dark gray, pushed in the background, directing attention to the vertical lines of the slatted wood and the large glass surfaces.
The impression of generous, fluid space, in the context of a layout fragmented by functional needs – reception area, waiting area, three boardroom, enclosed offices and open space offices, is given by the generous concavity of curves and the vertical interrupted lines of the slatted wood, which permit to look beyond them.

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