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Skanska Offices

București, România
Authors: arch. Ștefan Alberto Bianco, arch. Monica Trașcă, arch. Irina Buică, arch. Mihai-Dan Pavel, arch. Radu Răchițeanu / Prographic Architecture Studio

Authors’ Comment

SKANSKA is one of the largest real estate developers in Romania and it has been a challenge for us to design a headquarters for them not only to ensure the needs of their business, but more importantly, to represent them.
The space has a strong character represented by the multitude of textures , shapes and custom design elements that represent a mix of modern components , in contrast with primary materials . This way, we used as design elements common building materials such as wood, wool , wire mesh tubes and even copex or elastomeric insulation . They are placed and integrated into design elements in a way that they are transformed into decorative elements with big impact , summarizing the basic idea of the concept.
A strong individual element used in designing the space is the panel with nine building materials, located in proximity to the entry, a space dedicated to the visitors, aligned with the corridor leading to the meeting rooms. This summarizes the essence of the concept and reflects the simplicity of the composition, the juxtaposition of materials with various uses in a unitary individual decorative element.

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