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București, România
Authors: arch. Liviu Zăgan, arch. Costin Beekman, arch. Alexandra Nicolau / PZP Arhitectura
Collaborators: JLL
Maestro Proiect
DD Eurocom
Cosmin Dragomir

Authors’ Comment

The built, media and artistic environments are all scenes of our existence. We are at the same time performers and people behind the scenes, depending on the role our activity occupies and the tools we use or create.
Autodesk is the team behind the scenes, both in the built and media worlds. They create the tools that are used by professionals in fields of architecture, arts, music and film. We wanted to bring them in the spotlights.
We divided their workspace into two areas : the movie set and the backstage. As the type of activity they carry is not based on working with people outside the office, we treated the reception, lunch break, meeting areas as behind the scenes. We treated these spaces differently by using different types of materials and lights. The behind the scenes is dominated by games of colour and accents of lights, retractable walls.
In contrast, the effective workplace is bright, airy, creates a neutral background and reminds us of the movie set through the floor’s chromatic. The only contrast materials are used to define the stage props : the phone boots, located on the border between the two areas.

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