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Brosteanu 31

București, România
Authors: arch. Bogdan Pop, arch. Astrid Rottman / ASDESIGN 95
Collaborators: Strucrura: ing Mircea Neacsu ( INCONA )

Authors’ Comment

A mix
remixed and mixed again
for 8 years
modern / traditional / national
first, suspended dwelling / after, temporary attorneys at law offices
clean / sophisticated geometry
'impossible' parking
wood / mosaico / fibrociment / green/paint / deck
imposed height / limited horizontal
interpenetrated interiors / towards outside
built on narrow land
accessed through the staircase
witch brings together all spaces
each ½ level
ground floor in between blue and tradition, reception and exterior
5th floor in between transparent gathering place and fluid interior space
observation point on the city and traditional / modern art
semi basement in between reading (eventually at a restaurant in Balcic) and technical rooms
and all that welded by
white offices spaces – meaning V&F – optimism, truthness, luminuosness

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