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Private house rehabilitation

București, România
Author: arch. Roxana Pîrvu / Roxana Pîrvu. Birou Individual de Arhitectură
Collaborators: inginer structura Serban Median
Trilitica Frame Invest

Authors’ Comment

EXISTING: building complex with multiple functions: private house, small company office, private garages and service annexes built in the early post-revolutionary decade
The younger generation (family with two small children) decide to transform the house through its complete rehabilitation: interior, exterior, exterior.
The process has not ended: rehabilitation of fences, the court and the annexes is in progress.
Rehabilitation goals were simple and focused on two aspects: correcting errors and aesthetic transformation.
The most important act was to replace the roof structure and coverings for making a functional and habitable attic.
The proposal for the new roof is a new structure in wood arches that create a generous space. Almost square skylight, the only "accident" in volume symmetrical simple ridged roof, is the answer to a problem of accessibility: the scale reaches the eaves in the attic.
Attic space becomes a multipurpose space used by the whole family: home-cinema, children's playroom, office, study.

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