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Existing Building Rehabilitation, Extension

bucuresti, România
Author: arch. Maria - Cristina Georgescu / Kub Planning
Collaborators: Structura: ing. Madalin Coman (Popp&Asociații)
Foto: Arh. Andrei Creanga, Arh. Tudor Ciocanescu

Authors’ Comment

Rehabilitation of the existing building (rehabilitation of the urban image):
Reconfiguring of the existing facade, that became the interior facade (restoring the original image of the facade, built at the beginning of last century, later modified in 2 phases) + Extending with a glass facade = Doubled facade (a dialog , a play of facades)
Installing an exterior, panoramic elevator = effective circulation, making the façade “alive”
Building a terrace on top of the existing curved roof = correcting the volume profile + making the space efficient.

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