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JT International Office Refurbishment

București, România
Authors: arch. Adrian Emilian Zerva, arch. Daniela Elena Zerva / Studio 10 M Zerva Croitoru Medvedovici Arhitecți Asociați
Collaborators: Proiect preliminar/Studiu temă/Specificații: Pasucha Klepzig Architekten
Structură: Altfel Construct
Instalații sanitare/Instalatii termice si ventilații: Techno Proiect
Instalații electrice: AME RO/Advance

Authors’ Comment

As far as the building's function is concerned, this has remained unchanged after the refurbishment of the existing construction, which was built between 1969-1970. The building hosts the offices of JTI International. In order to adapt to current functional requirements, the existing structure has been reinforced to allow an increase in the number of levels as well as further expansion in plan.
The two existing levels (ground floor and first floor) have been expanded horizontally by 2 grid axes towards the gate-keeper's cabin. On top of this, an additional 2 levels have been raised, the second floor spanning over the entire surface area of the first, and the third floor spanning only towards the right side of the building. The peculiarity of this project consisted in the way the building that was worked on relates to the other existing buildings on the site: a 7 and a 3 story building as well as the gate-keeper's cabin which was previously refurbished during a different project.
Given the existing geometric constraints of the inside spaces, the same layout was kept consisting of a central walkway with various functions to the sides, including open-space offices.

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