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Câmpineanu 2

București, România
Author: arch. Georgeta Gabrea / Capitel Avangarde SRL
Collaborators: Echipa: arh. Georgeta Gabrea, arh. Cristina Sternatis, arh. Radu Antonescu, arh. Venera Trișnevschi, arh.Maria-Cristina Răchitan-Gabrea, arh.Cristina Sîrbu, arh.Simona Dimitriu Rusen;
Structură - Popp&Asociații - ing. Mădălin Coman, ing. Dan Sinu; Instalații - Addict Invest: coordonator proiect - ing. Alin Ungureanu, ing. Ovidiu Ganea, ing. Bogdan Cherasnel, ing. Ioana Nisiparu; Design spatiu comercial:arh.Nikos Theodorakopoulus, arh. Georgeta Gabrea, arh.Radu Antonescu; Antreprenor genaral - Conarg AG - șef șantier arh. Dan Gorgos; Project manager - Vitalis consulting; Subantreprenor refacere ornamente si fațadă - BTM Proconstruct; Studiu istoric: prof.dr.arh. Anca Brătuleanu

Authors’ Comment

The project for the building on 2 Ion Câmpineanu Street, Bucharest, is a first.
The authentic elements of the facades were kept. They were extracted and restored, and the missing ones were rebuilt according to original details.
The project started in 2003. According to the building permit in 2004, it was decided to preserve and support the facades and to demolish the structural elements and internal divisions. This solution was supposed to last nine months but lasted nine years. The façade masonry was so damaged that it was a threat to pedestrians and vehicles.
The general concept was the restoration of the facades with architectural details of the monument combined with contemporary architectural elements and technology. The installations and the contemporary architectural interventions were subordinated to the monument’s value. Sheet metal covering of the roof was replaced by glass and its structure, to stratified wooden structure according to the initial volume.
It has two basements, ground floor, mezzanine and 6 floors. The 2nd basement : technical areas. 1st basement, ground floor, 1st floor: commercial space, 2nd-5th floors: offices, 6th floor: club, restaurant.

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