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  • Prize of the “Restoration, Conversion, Rehabilitation” section

Caimatei 10

București, România
Author: arch. Georgeta Gabrea / Capitel Avangarde SRL
Collaborators: Echipa: arh. Georgeta Gabrea, arh. Venera Trișnevschi, arh. Ioana Popovici, arh. Claudiu Varlan;
Structură - SC Miro Group SRL: ing. Adrian Stanescu, ing. Daniel Purdea; Instalații - Addict Invest: coordonator proiect - ing. Alin Ungureanu; Antreprenor genaral - SC Cabro Construct SRL - ing. Paul Belu; Diriginte de șantier - ing. Dan Lacatuș; Subantreprenor refacere ornamente si fațadă - Ștefan Neacșu; Subantreprenor refacere feronerie - BTM Proconstruct; Studiu istoric: Cezara Mucenic.

Authors’ Comment

The real estate consists of land with an area of 870.88m2 and buildings with a total floor area of 1109.13m2 and 417,44m2 ground surface.
It is a monument of architecture and it functions as an office building.
1. Consolidation, refunctionalization and restoration of the C1 building and of the garage in the back.
2. To access the rear, the replacement of a service staircase with an elevator was proposed, to facilitate the connection between ground level, 1st floor, 2nd floor and loft.
3. The service staircase, seriously damaged, was reconfigured; it was made of concrete and was finished with wood steps.
4. The roof was repaired, substituting the wooden structure affected (damaged elements were replaced with timber new ones). The destroyed wooden boarding of the roof was replaced and the galvanized sheet covering the roof which was partially damaged, was replaced entirely with zinc sheet. The attic was modified and improved.
5. The main façade and the side facades were restored, and the rear one (without artistic value) was recomposed.
The building dates from between 1913-1919. Throughout its existence, it has undergone various expansions and multi-layering.

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