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Dacia România Palace. Art Safari 2016

București, România
Authors: arch. Emilia - Maria Duda, arch. Raluca - Livia Niculae, arch. Alexandru Belenyi, arch. Matei Bogoescu, Ștefan Hillerin / BAZA. Deschidem orașul
Collaborators: arhitecți stagiari Andrei Cumpănășoiu, Anastasia David, Andrei Moldoveanu, și absolvent Marc Patrulius

Authors’ Comment

Art Safari 2016. The year of Dada. May. An ark lost in time opens its belly to host Bucharest`s art thirsty minds. The gallery`s temporary home, the Dacia-Romania Palace is born in 1880, inside Bucharest`s financial heart. Like a handful of runes thrown on the ground, its story unravels the submission of bourgeois prestige into a mosaic of functional, generic spaces, sliced in square meters. From the neoclassical facades and its public foyer, dominated by baroque soffits, reminiscent of a Viennese hotel, to its mechanically celled-up rooms into work cubicles, the Palace is a collection of conflicts.
Designed for financial calculus, the Palace used to be a bank office and a haven for accountants confined inside cramped closets filled with bulky files. Once possessed by rigor, these cells are exorcised and set free through art, unveiling new perspectives for the city`s Old Center. Art Safari will not conceal Romanian transition`s broken mirror. Instead, it motherly embraces its dysfunctions, discrepancies and dissonances which still reverb inside the Palace today.

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