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  • Nomination for the “Restoration, Conversion, Rehabilitation” section

Cazarma U, Timisoara

Timisoara, jud. Timiș, România
Author: arch. Anca Timofticiuc / Mensing Timofticiuc
Collaborators: arh Marius Mensing, Mensing Timofticiuc
arh Monica Sache, Tag Architecture
arh Vitali Stanila, Tag Architecture
arh Norbert Ianko

Authors’ Comment

The Vienna Garrison (Cazarma Viena) can be found in the old citadel of Timisoara. Erected initially in 1752, the building goes along the years through a variety of interventions, and, as time passes, the building loses its original function and "purpose, calling". Even though the building has a testimonial and architectural value, being left unused for many years became a residual space. The potential of the building however is obvious, and its inclusion in an artistic circuit becomes the catalyst for an architectural exercise in urban regeneration.
The proposal includes new, non invasive interventions meant to elicit a sole moment of lingering, enough to appreciate the whole: the interior space houses neutral rooms, basis for contemporary art exhibitions; the interior court will become a Hortus Conclusus, an atemporal space for refuge and social cohesion, out of urban context; the corridors surrounding the building - architactual promenades. The intervention is temporary, the exhibitions and buildings being open for one moth for the public.