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  • Prize of the “Architecture Books” section

Housing, between Design and Political Decision-making. Romania, 1954-1966

Author: arch. Miruna Stroe
Collaborators: Prefața: prof. dr. arh. Ana Maria Zahariade
Editor: Mirela Duculescu
Design grafic: arh. Octavian Carabela
Redactor: Eugenia Petre
Traducere în limba engleză: Alistair Ian Blyth

Authors’ Comment

“Even though this volume focuses on a single architectural program, housing (probably the least spectacular but nevertheless the most important in size and social and political stake), for the most part what Miruna Stroe describes has a much larger validity for architecture under communism. This is because, apart from formal aspects (apartment plans, types, materials and technologies, expressions, urban composition...), the author sets herself to write a history of reasons and people that produced those forms: I could call it une histoire raisonnée of housing design.
This means she was bound to infiltrate into the ins and outs of the design institutes, the only places where architecture could be produced in the period, but also into the political backstage, the only place where decisions on the future ways of our living were made.”
(excerpt from the preface by prof. dr. arch. Ana Maria Zahariade)

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