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Architects in reclusion. Interviews and documents

Author: arch. Vlad Mitric-Ciupe
Collaborators: Prefață: Sorin Lavric
Redactor: Miruna Șolea

Authors’ Comment

The individual destiny of romanian architects during communism is still a very litle researched topic. There are almost none extended studies or memoirs (with a few exceptions). After the publication of our first volume (Vlad Mitric-Ciupe, Romanian architects and political prison 1944-1964. Between concentrational destiny and professional vocation, The National Institute for the Study of Totalitarianism, Bucharest, 2013) witch presents 75 cases of politically imprisoned romanian architects, we propose a new study dedicated to the 8 former political prisoners who where alive in 2012. Developed as interviews and documents from CNSAS archive, our work has a clear goal: alongside archive documents and memoirs citations, the call for oral history is an indispensable analysis method for our subject.

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