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UAUIM: Repertoire - 150years of higher education in architecture

Author: arch. Anca Mitrache / Editura Universitară „Ion Mincu” București
Collaborators: Tehnoredactare: drd. arh. Oana Anca Abalaru
Coperta: stud. arh. Ionescu Lupeanu Marcel Sebastian
Traducere: conf. dr. arh. Anca Mitrache

Authors’ Comment

Over the last fiew years, information related to Romanian architecture has become more dense, yet a fiew seems to talk about where did the guild
germs appeared - The School of Architecture "Ion Mincu" Bucharest.
"UAUIM: Repertoire" is a brief overview of rich activities in the scientific and cultural area, conferences, exhibitions, symposiums, awards
ceremonies and honors received by the school and its representatives, and also medals awarding and honorary titles to a number of modern
architecture distinguished personalities. Important names in contemporary architecture: Kisho Kurokawa, Tadao Ando and Alvaro Siza got
together in the crowded halls of yesterday and today school, students and teachers - architects and apprentices - and had the courage, if only for
a few moments, to break the chain of inertia and imagine radical changes into the architectural thinking and practice.
This illustration shows several school's teachers tributes whose talent, effort, ambition and enthusiasm have made possible the embodiment of
aspirations, otherwise born and intended to remain in ether.

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