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Urban Spaces in Action. Community Activation in Bucharest’s Socialist Neighbourhoods

Authors: arch. Cristian - Daniel Borcan, arch. Alexandru Axinte, Miruna Tîrcă / studioBASAR
Collaborators: Texte: Alex Axinte, Cristi Borcan, Vlad Cătună, Nicoleta Chiriță, Ștefan Ghenciulescu, Bogdan Iancu, Sabina Lefter, Laura Panait + Silviu Medeșan, Doina Petrescu + Constantin Petcou, Anca Tîrcă, Miruna Tîrcă, Vladimir Us + Vitalie Sprînceană
Traducere și corectură: Claudia Lie
Grafică: Cristi Borcan, Alex Axinte
Ilustrații: Anca Marin

Authors’ Comment

While it can be considered a small-scale experiment with isolated effects, the project “Urban Spaces in Action” has grown in the context of the general need for substantial change felt by the Romanian society.
At this point in time, when all the social mechanisms are being revised, the project can provide guidance and orientation on the way towards the reconstruction of the community on a collaborative basis.
The publication “Urban Spaces in Action. Community Activation in Bucharest’s Socialist Neighbourhoods” is structured in three parts. The first part groups a number of texts which analyse aspects relating to collective practices in contemporary Romanian society in general and in the city of Bucharest in particular: the school, the neighbourhood and the community. The second part documents the stages of the project, carried out in 2014 and 2015, and assesses its outcomes. The third part contains a number of scenarios for continuing the three principal directions of the project, namely urban education, community development and participatory urbanism, supplemented by several groundbreaking initiatives developed in different contexts, but pursuing identical goals.

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