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Village Churches from Sălaj

Authors: arch. Bruno Andreșoiu, Cristian Brăcăcescu – redactor, Serban Bonciocat / Igloo Media
Collaborators: Grafică: Cătălin Artenie
Traducere: Magda Teodorescu

Authors’ Comment

In Romana, whenever you talk about wooden churches, people involuntarily thomk of Maramureș, although such buildings were erected all over the country. I think that the churches of Sălaj live today, quite unfairly though, in the shadow of their famous sisters from Maramureș. Preumably their reduced size, a fact which can only move layperson, made them take a secndary position, since otherwise thei would be qualified from the lime lights. Neither their elegan shilouettes, nor their daring structure, and even less the virtuosity of wood peocessing would do that. I hope that by bringing them onto the lime lighta in the album, they will be morally justified, a things that churches of Sălaj fully deserve. Bruno Andreșoiu

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