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Rabbits and satelites. Stories about recoveries and recompositions

Authors: arch. Justin Baroncea – Autor, arch. Ștefan Ghenciulescu – Editor, arch. Constantin Goagea – Editor, arch. Cosmina Goagea – Editor, designer Radu Manelici – Designer grafic (Faber Studio) / ZEPPELIN
Collaborators: Foto: Justin Baroncea, Radu Enescu, Adrian Dobre, Radu Malașincu, Ștefan Păvăluță
DTP: Aurelian Ardeleanu
Corectură: Lorina Chițan
Traduceri în engleză: Cristina Petrescu
Tipar: Master Print Super Offset
București 2015

Authors’ Comment

Design and micro-architecture from scraps: recycling, pop, economy, low-tech, neo-realism, a bit of poetry
Technological evolution fueled by consumerism and an ardent desire to be "up to date" with the latest apparitions led to increased productivity and consequently an increased amount of objects that have a shorter life on their way to the dumpster.
All these objects we "leave behind" often have a complex story about their production system, owner and internal composition. A story that can be exploited and that can become a starting point for a new project. Paradoxically, often the very banality of the story becomes a reason to act.
Justin Baroncea and his colleagues gathered vinyls, radiator elements, metal cabinets, camera lenses, jars and milk boxes, pieces of vanished buildings, skis, drawing boards and recomposed them in over a hundred lamps, tables, chairs and benches. Those initial objects are the main characters of the book. They all brought their own histories but also their potential to transform and to become part of new projects, that do not cancel the original story, but help it grow.

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