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Old Towns and New Urbanism

Author: arch. Cristian Severin

Authors’ Comment

In addition to the analysis of urban planning theory and history – written in an accessible tone intended for a general audience – this work presents in its final chapters some urban development and renewal strategies that are related to the requalification of the existing city centres, viewed as synthesis of a complex and tormented Western urban experience.
The original work is entitled “Vecchie città ed edilizia nuova” (Old Cities and New Urbanism) and was published by Gustavo Giovannoni in 1931. After World War II , as reductive movements and a ”loss of the memory” took hold – nowadays harshly criticized by some – this work was neglected along with its author.
But 60 years later it was redescovered and reevaluated thanks mostly to the french translation coordinated by famous architectural and urban theorist Françoise Choay. She organized a number of conferences worldwide – coming to Bucharest also in 2000 – thus reconnecting with Giovannoni’s work of popularisation.
Mrs. Choay argued for the extraordinary contemporary quality of view and applicability of the “Giovannoni doctrine”, restoring its due place in the current theory and practice of urban planning.