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Authors: arch. Ioana Trușcă, arch. Ștefan Păvăluță, arch. Justin Baroncea / Pandapanda
Collaborators: Text: Ioana Mischie, Ștefan Păvăluță
Grafică: Radu Manelici

Authors’ Comment

Each time we plug in a smart device and see the battery charged at 100%, we ( do not ) know that 30% of the fill is coal. We consume coal and we close up mines, while other are reopening them.
People in areas dedicated to the extractive industry are running away from the "lignite'' tag, are running away from the tag of unemployed coal miner. The problem: how to create a new kind of identity - coal-based.
Coal can be expressive. It has intrinsic material expressivity and beyond that it knows how to leave traces on paper. Drawing with coal! "Turb@". A book about coal, illustrated in coal by Ioana Trușcă - TRSC. Justin Baroncea was the storyteller, TRSC was the illustrator and Radu Manelci mounted the images in a book.
A comic book about rabbits "getting high" on coal and becoming hysterical. A Japanese mad scientist ends up in Tg. Jiu. Monumental art in the background. Black & white. Coal everywhere. By Pandapanda.
A way of selling overpriced coal. Expensive! But not that much!

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