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  • Nomination for the “Architecture Books” section

Inventing placers. Innovative projects and practices from Romania

Authors: arch. Ștefan Ghenciulescu – Editor, arch. Constantin Goagea – Editor, arch. Cosmina Goagea – Editor, designer Radu Manelici – Design grafic / ZEPPELIN
Collaborators: Autori: Ștefan Ghenciulescu, Constantin Goagea, Cosmina Goagea, Cosmin Caciuc, Ioana Calen, Adrian Pop, Ionuț Anton, Dana Tănase, Eugen Pănescu, Mina Sava
Foto: Vlad Bâscă, Cosmin Dragomir, Dacian Groza, Mihnea Gligor, Andrei Mărgulescu, Sorin Onișor, Gina Buliga, Ovidiu Micsik, Ovidiu Micșa, Cătălin Georgescu, Vlad Petri, Mugur Grosu, Ștefan Tuchilă, autorii proiectelor sau organizatorii de evenimente
Design grafic: Radu Manelici (Faber Studio)
DTP: Aurelian Ardeleanu
Corectură: Lorina Chițan
Echipa Zeppelin: Raluca Marțiș, Camelia Caciuc, Mugur Grosu, Adrian Hariga, Andrei Ferche
Tipar: Master Print Super Offset

Authors’ Comment

Championing a new practice
Let's face it: today’s Romania is not really known for innovative ideas, including in the case of architecture, urbanism and design. And yet, despite an unfavourable environment, during the past years, there are more and more bold projects and practices that push things forward and whose relevance goes beyond local context.
Discreet heroes build a new paradigm, based on minimal resources, collaboration and positive workmanship. We are entering together a lab where cyber bodies stand along energy trees and new building materials, educational innovation combines with planning and social architecture, and factories become centres of a new urbanity.
The book contains, among others, articles about a high-tech refuge at Călțuni, in the Carpathians, a community center in Boldești-Scăeni, the ”Playing Architecture” educational program, actions for activation urban heritage, the Roșia Montană phenomenon, makerspaces, public space conquering, independent cultural centres etc.

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