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  • Prize of the “Architectural Visions and Architectural Research” section (ex aequo)

Vacant Bucharest

București, România
Authors: arch. Alexandra Laura Stoica – Coordonator, Márk Lóránt Mihat – Coordonator, Konrad Mihat – Coordonator, Tăutu Cristiana – Pr / Calup
Collaborators: Programare: Bogdan Dinu
Design grafic: Robert Blaj

Authors’ Comment

Calup urban regeneration project aims to open up unused spaces in the city to appropriate projects and diverse communities. Using a critical attitude regarding the early abandonment of still functional buildings, the project promotes creative reuse alternatives through three lines of action:
1. Participatory Mapping - campaigns to signal unused spaces with potential to be revitalized and make them available to suitable projects. Eligible are all vacant spaces whether abandoned, underused or closed. platform is the online tool created to streamline this process.
2. Strategic interventions – we promote temporary interventions and creative adaptation as techniques for opening buildings for reuse scenarios.
3. Public policies – by highlighting problems that lead to vacancy and signaling possible solutions we promote dialogue with central and local authorities.
Working with the challenges of the current local context, the project started in 2012 with interventions in unused historic villas, drawing attention to their potential reuse. Today we intend to bring to public attention the benefits of temporary use for unused buildings and spaces.

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