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Divan Garden

București, România
Authors: arch. Alexandra Laura Stoica – Coordonator, Márk Lóránt Mihat – coordonator / CALUP
Collaborators: Parteneri:
Institutul Național al Patrimoniului
MEDS- Meeting of Design Students
Colaboratori: Konrad Mihat, Cristiana Tăutu

Authors’ Comment

Divan Garden is a concept created by Calup and developed in partnership with the National Institute of Heritage to reactivate a monument of national importance and one of the oldest houses in Bucharest. Used until 2010 as an administrative centre for the Ministry of Culture, the house was closed down and used as a warehouse. The institute intends to turn the house into a Public Relations Centre, in the meanwhile being open for temporary use to promote the place and grow a community around it.
Divan Garden started as a two-dimensional project: emphasizing the unique character of the house, as well as a gathering place. The intervention began through a design & build workshop organized with MEDS - Meeting of Design Students. 17 international participants organised by specific tasks have prepared the space for the first public event through: platforms and ottomans for seating, reinforcement of alleys and stairs, covering exposed sewage with boxes with plants, reusing objects for furniture and cardboard tubes for creating an exhibition. The Divan Garden was opened to the public becoming quickly a landmark in the city, a place for events, discussions and relaxation.

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