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  • Nomination for the “Built Architecture / Collective Housing” section


Authors: arh. Hildegard Brandl, arh. Anca Sandu, arh. Bogdan Tartau, arh. Alexandru Nastase

Authors’ Comment

A challenging project from the very beginning through the context of its location. The new insertion that was to be made in the tissue of the protected area in the heart of Cotroceni demanded attention to the character of the neighborhood. The proposed building merges between its neighbors, by withdrawing the last floor and symbolically completing the volume through the metal pergola, we have obtained a homogenous front. An insertion that looks compact at first glance, but the layout of the spaces along the site creates moments of local relief - small courtyards that create a spectacular indoor atmosphere throughout the day.

Jury Comment

The Bucharest tipology of buildings and plot occupation are well interpreted for this project, and the loggia is a correct response to the climatic conditions. The project also plays with interior courtyards and the light that they bring inside. The facade composition is well thought and complements the project well.

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