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One Charles de Gaulle
  • Nomination for the “Built Architecture / Collective Housing” section

One Charles de Gaulle

Authors: prof.dr.arh. Dan Șerban, arh. Ana Luben, arh. Ecaterina Mocănescu Coloros,
arh. Marius Călin, arh. Laur Barbu Lupulescu Soare, ing. Mariana Niculescu, arh. Georgiana Priceputu, arh. Iulia Crăciun,
arh. Casandra Prundeanu, arh. Costin Ene, arh. Cristian Avram, arh. Romain Layet
DD Design Studio + X Architecture & Engineering

Concept fațadă: Bueso Inchausti-Rein Arquitectos
Design interior: Lemon Interior Design
Fotografii: arh. Vlad Pătru
Structură: Incona
Instalații: Comtid
Proiectare fațade: Alpromt

Authors’ Comment

Situated in the protected area of Dorobanți 2, the development of One Charles de Gaulle is, by urbanistic requirements, discreetly located in the large circular square - with the same name. Spaced through a landscaped courtyard, the two apartment buildings are placed symmetrically, right above the underground parking. With wide rooms, the new living space is made of three, four-room and duplex apartments. The access is made by two areas, one that opens to Herastrau Park, and the second through Rosenthal Street where you can find also the access for underground parking. The urban and contemporary investment requirements applied to this development have led us to generate an innovative methodology of interdisciplinary and cross-professional design integration.

Jury Comment

The project occupies a very valuable plot in the center of Bucharest, and manages to create pleasant and interesting spaces as a result of the relationship between the buildings of the complex. The jury also noticed the well designed common spaces and good distribution areas.

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