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Maia Sisești
  • Wienerberger Prize

Maia Sisești

Authors: arh. Răzvan Puchici, arh. Ioana Moangă, arh. Ciprian Drăghicescu, arh. Daniel Iorga, arh. Vasile Revin, arh. Laura Parghel
Cumulus Architecture

Fotograf: arh. Radu Matei

Beneficiar: Maia Residence Invest

Authors’ Comment

The building is the first of an ensemble that will develop near Grivița Lake and the periurban area of northern Bucharest. The project features typical housing solutions with high standard of living, generous areas, ample glazing and quality finishes. Architecture subscribes to developments in the area, but adds value by solving volumes and addressing facade aesthetics.

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