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Holiday Apartments

Holiday Apartments

Authors: arh. Adrian Moleavin

Collaborators: ing. struct. Radu Matei, ing. inst. Catalin Turin

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Authors’ Comment

The construction site, situated on the seafront of Mamaia resort, has a rectangular shape, with one of the short sides to the sea. The area impresses by the straight line of the beach and the sea, the powerful sun and by the lack of shade and of vegetation. All this informs the architectural solution. The composition is layered. The access is made through a central cool corridor, protected from the outside heat. The apartments are oriented to the East at a 45-degree angle, bringing the beach and the sea into the built space, offering to all apartments the presence of water as the backdrop of inner life. The third layer is that of the terraces which are recomposing the straight line and transform the site horizontally into the shadow. The terraces embrace and protect the interior volume from excessive summer light and heat. The last layer is the one of the moving facade elements, which provides additional sun protection to the preferences of each user, but also offers privacy from the neighboring close buildings. The whole volume suggests a state of uncertainty. The horizontal movement of sunshades, the cantilever terraces on the façade towards the beach plus the withdrawal of the last two levels affect the idea of stability of the volume, giving the sensation of a continuous reach to the sea.

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