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Eminescu 92-94 - Residential building

Eminescu 92-94 - Residential building

Authors: arh. Mitrus Andrei, arh. Shikhil Dana, arh. Roman Sonia
K-BOX Construction Design

Structura: K-BOX Construction Design

Authors’ Comment

The new construction is integrated into an unbalanced and complex existing tissue. The project aims to create a valuable link between the old and the new by trying to mediate between different sizes, densities and design lines, it plays with the horizontality, while in a predominantly vertical vicinity. It brings sustainable density in a rather small-scale tissue. In terms of spatial development, the construction follows the limits of the lot and its vicinities, and the apartments are rather atypical, but at the same time urban and spacious, a correct answer to the area’s standards.

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