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  • Nomination for the “Built Architecture / Conversion and Restoration” section


Authors: Dragoș Dragnea, Justin Baroncea

Structură și consolidare: ing. Barbu Jugurica
Structură lemn: ing. Radu Balaban
Coordonare șantier: Horațiu Corniciuc
Mural: Irlo Doidoi
Colaborator: Holver
Fotografie: Radu Malașincu, Andrei Mărgulescu

Authors’ Comment

On the street next to the park, I saw three strident painted windows, mounted in three holes, placed over a plaster girdle. Under the girdle three white panels with waves. Alleged neo-Venetian stylistic interventions on a former restaurant, a former home. On the left lurking windows, on the right a screen of blocks, in the back a park. The windows of the restaurant/ former house, opens to the park. The building requires reinforcement works. Opportunity to work with seemingly white concrete, burnished woodwork. We work with the penultimate house on the street.

Jury Comment

The sensibility of the project was appreciated by the jury, and also the detailing and the way it managed to unify to three different construction phases of the building using its roof.