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Zorileanu 18 - Residential building
  • Prize of the “Built Architecture / Conversion and Restoration” section (ex aequo)

Zorileanu 18 - Residential building

Authors: arh. Mitrus Andrei, arh. Mucenica Magda
K-BOX Construction Design

Structura: K-BOX Construction Design

Authors’ Comment

The former office building, finalized in the ‘90’s, was a powerful contrast, in terms of function and aesthetics in its surroundings, having only residential in proximity. Thus the reconversion to residential was only natural. The new residential building’s purpose was to solve the inadaptability of the old building to its vicinity and requests and it was an effort to reintegrate the development in the life of the city, while bringing it to the standards, chromatics and design lines of present times. The former architectural vocabulary was revitalized and given a contemporary note.

Jury Comment

This project received the prize of the category and was appreciated for the way it managed to convert a rather unfortunate building from the 1990’s into a functional residential building, while also offering good quality facades and interior plans.

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