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Polonă Residence 24-26
  • Semmelrock Prize

Polonă Residence 24-26

Authors: arh. Răzvan Puchici, arh. Ioana Moangă
Cumulus Architecture

Collaborators: Prof. Dr. Ing. Nicolae Stoica expert tehnic, Ing. Cătălin Baciu Consolid Proiect Consulting,
Ing. Constructor Roxana Dănăiță inginer Anaxor

Authors’ Comment

The 1927 building bears the seal of interwar times in what regards its design and functionality. The volume of the building is defined by an asymmetrical accent, with a tower on the main façade and a high blind wall on the back façade. Simultaneous with interventions on resistance elements, architectural modifications for increasing the comfort were made. By dismantling some interior walls, we achieved generous, structurally uniform spaces. The building was reconfigured vertically, maintaining the building's elevation of 0,00 at access level from Polonă Street. The architecture of the facades has been preserved, and the new interventions salvage the original elements. The frames and stuccos have been cleaned and repaired, while the carpentry has been replaced, preserving the initial, simplified configuration.

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