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Bucharest City Hall Award

Conservation and Enhancement of the Nicolae Minovici Museum in Bucharest and the Revitalisation of the Historical Enclosure

Authors: prof. dr. arh. Virgiliu Polizu, arh. Ruxandra Căpățână, arh. Mircea Căpățână
Polarh Design

Structură: dr. ing Lucian Soveja
Instalații: dr. ing Radu Polizu, ing. Mircea Petrovan, ing. Florin Popa
Executant: Palex Construcții&Instalații SRL

Beneficiar: Municipiul București

Authors’ Comment

The Nicolae Minovici Museum is conceived in Neo-Romanian style, in the layout structure of a house, with the aim of housing the personal collection of folk art objects. Using modern means available,it was possible to protect the historic building and to enhance it in relation with the historic enclosure and the favourable urban context, resulting in a reintegration of the ensemble in the social, cultural and economic circuit, without changing the characteristics and architectural styles .All interventions were in the spirit of the rules of historic building conservation and preservation.