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E+E House
  • Prize of the “Built Architecture / Individual House Architecture” section (ex aequo)

E+E House

Authors: arh. Mihai Ene, arh. Adela Ene
Ene+Ene Arhitectura

Dezvoltator: Horia Bălan (Loreco Investments S.R.L.)
Proiectare structuri: ing. Paul Ioan, ing. Florin Nicolițov (Profesional Construct Proiectare S.R.L.)
Proiectare HVAC: ing. Adrian Sandu (Alma Instal Pro S.R.L.)
Project management: ing. Claudiu Guță, ing. Andrei Gagea (Vision Property Partners S.R.L.)
Constructor: ing. Florin Vlad, ing. Bogdan Vlad (Vlad Group S.R.L.)
Execuție mobilier fix: Tudor Migia (Publimpres S.R.L.)
Fotograf: Cosmin Dragomir

Beneficiar: Loreco Investments S.R.L.

Authors’ Comment

Dumbrava Vlăsiei is an atypical residential area for the real estate developments in Romania, being surrounded by forest, with sinuous streets and green public spaces. Direct contact with nature was the starting point in defining the spatial concept: a linear, single story house, comprised of a row of distinct spatial sequences in which each room has direct access to the garden. The two courtyards interrupt the linearity of the house, one that announces the access and another, more ample, related to the kitchen and the dining areas.

Jury Comment

The jury appreciated the very good exterior design, with an well detailed interior. The relationship with the exterior is also approached in a sensible and well though manner. The clear and conceptual design scheme regarding the plan was also appreciated.

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