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DEH Duplex House

DEH Duplex House

Authors: arh. Cosmin Dragomir, arh. Alina Dragomir
Studio A19

Structură: ing. Adrian Nicolescu (AxII Design)
Instalații: ing. Alexandru Stancu (VestInstal)

Authors’ Comment

The project answers to the briefs of two different owners on a small plot of land in the northern part of the city : two coupled houses that are completely different on the inside and yet perfectly complement each other on the outside. The houses were conceived from the inside out , paying close attention to the scale and proportion of the spaces and offering a surprising spatiality. The exterior displays a massive presence of sculpted blocs carefully layed one over another. This image is helped by the exterior plaster with visible stones that give scale and tactility to the walls. Over this tectonic mineral substrate “grow” natural elements like wood shades for intimate spaces and green terraces of moss and wildflower that will give back some of the lost land from this small plot.

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