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Villa Marina

Villa Marina

Authors: arh. Razvan Cotuna, arh. Andrei Mihai
S.C. Secțiunea S.R.L.

Arhitectură: st.arh. Victor Baboi, arh. Mihnea Orașeanu.
Structură: ing. Cristian Bucată (Atta Civil Engineering SRL)
Instalații: ing. Lorenghin Onuțu (Capital Grup Instal SRL)
Executant: Guna & Rosh Construct SRL

Authors’ Comment

We propose the design of a modern home by a partial expansion and with overlapping of the existing buildings. The "L" shaped floor plan of the two buildings C1 and C2, is the best solution, due to the land configuration. The household annexes are separated from the rest of the ground floor by a passage that servers as a garage. The first floor perimeter resulted in a circular terrace with potted plants. Accessible from the living quarters, the terrace opens up to the green spaces of the courtyard that hosts the pool and a stone carved space for campfire.