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NIU house
  • Semmelrock Prize

NIU house

Authors: arh. Bogdan Stefan, arh. Neagu Mihai, arh. Garofil Daniela, arh. int. Irina Ursu
AWstudio arhitectura, IUstudio

Authors’ Comment

A house built in the inter-war period. An idea of urban living, where the space for professional activities is part of a single-family home. The hundred-year old building, with no architectural or historical value, but with well-thought partitioning, was balanced by adding the new structure, which houses the kitchen and an office with a separate entrance. This compact dwelling has the qualities of a passive house and smart-home systems built-in. The green terrace, above the modern addition, compensates and satisfies the family need for nature and exterior space. The monochrome finishings of the old building are contrasted by the constantly-changing, rusted sheet-iron facade of the clearly new addition. Because it’s a central-urban residence, generous room sizes are renounced, but the remodeled home offers the clients the advantages of modern, comfortable living. The idea of sustainability of living and building was the main objective of this project.

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