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  • Prize of the “Architecture projects / Residential Architecture” section


Authors: arh. Dragos Epure, arh. Catalin Ivanov, arh. Alexandru Niculescu, arh. Gianina Toader, arh. Simina Dimcea

Structura: Tehnica

Authors’ Comment

SEED - uniquely designed modular homes and sharing nature. Seedhouse proposes a new type of exploration of the properties of lamellar wood, putting into operation, on a large scale, a new type of flexible, '' weave '' structure, inspired by the natural, organic environment. When you have a SEED house you're not just having a house with a unique architecture, you are entering in the SEED community, meaning that you can stay for free in any SEED home regardless of where its located, for as long as the property is available on our platform. In exchange, you have to give back to the community by making your own SEED home available for free for other members, for at least the number of days that you are spending in other SEED homes.

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