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Self Sustained Module Off-Grid

Self Sustained Module Off-Grid

Authors: arh. Sergiu C. Petrea, arh. Cristina Pintilie, arh. Sabrina Ene-Butnariu, arh. Tania V. Băncilă, arh. Sebastian Apostol, arh. Dan Roșu
TECTO Arhitectura

Authors’ Comment

The project aimed to provide an accommodation module that could be replicated on any site, without the need for connection to any utilities. Architectural design pursued a compact volume, with a judicious layout of spaces, allowing for a simultaneously economic, energy efficient and eco-friendly construction. The technical solutions and equipment have been integrated into an architectural vocabulary that is not intrusive to the environment, allowing the harmonious integration of accommodation in nature. Due to the economic efficiency of the solution and the speed of execution, modularity and prefabrication allow multiple uses of the project: accommodation units for tourists, temporary housing for flood victims, refugees and so on.

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