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Authors: arh. Dragos Epure, arh. Catalin Ivanov, arh. Alexandru Niculescu, arh. Gianina Toader, arh. Simina Dimcea

Structura: Tehnica

Beneficiar: Nuba

Authors’ Comment

Sea waves were reimagined and used as a concept for the structure of our experimental pavilion, using generative design techniques and digital fabrication, methods that help construct « free form » structures inspired from the natural environment. The result is a lamellar wooden pavilion that animates the whole space with a dance between shadows and lights. In this structure, air pillows will are used to protect the terrace from rain and wind, inspired by the sea foam bubbles. The access into this loisir space is through a covered spiral structure that allows passage under a paved vault made of mosaic wooden plates, mosses and mirrors. The entire building is covered by a mesh made of walnut branches, maintaining an overall uniform image of the building, giving it a natural look.

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