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Athena House

Athena House

Authors: arh. Andrei Vasilief
Animo Regis

Authors’ Comment

Located on a leftover site caught between 2 townhouses, the project sought to extract all potential value. With a strong focus on entrepreneurs and working, the building combines 3 functions: commercial, residential and coworking. Coworking spaces are located partially on the ground floor and on the fourth floor, designed for residents, as well as guests. The street access portion of the ground floor is organized as a commercial space with the function of a coffees hop for meetings with clients and collaborators. The residential are contains floors 1, 2 and 3, designed as micro-apartments. Frontal apartments have dedicate kitchens, dressing, sleeping space and living space. The ones at the back of the building have an additional room, functioning as an office.

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