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Glass House
  • Nomination for the “Architecture projects / Residential Architecture” section

Glass House

Authors: arh. Adrian Cristescu, urb. Ioana-Ramona Zanfir, arh. Stefan Nita Erdely Harko, arh. Alexandra Alexa

Authors’ Comment

The name Glass House was not chosen by chance, the name makes a willful reference to the project designed by the great architect Philip Johnson. Our intention is to reinterpret some of the design principles and adapt them to climate needs and new technologies in such a way that meet the Client requirements. An important role in our design is the glass, that has three major functions: 1. With the active glass technology, the owners can switch between transparent and translucent at a push of the button and so there is no need for drapes to be installed. 2. With the Forster steel joinery thermal break and active-glass technology, more that 30% of the heating is provided by the windows. 3. The EGLAS technology reacts to direct sunlight by becoming darker and so diminishes the need power consumption for cooling during summer. The concrete slab has also the function to heat up the home through a grid of water heated pipes placed in the superior face. The cooling of the interior spaces is done also through a network of cold water piper that run in the bottom part of slab.

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