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Authors: arh. Oana Vasile, arh. int. Teodora Brincus, arh. int. Delia Stefana Costras

Authors’ Comment

DOT is located in the heart of old town of Cluj Napoca and the first goal was to connect the history with the present, to integrate a modern space within the historical vibe of the street. The whole design has circled into the idea of letting the customer to connect himself with the place. The structural finishes are all neutral as they will let you discover the walls, the beams and the whole naked structure of the space. The furniture is inviting the customer to walk and discover the whole space. All the materials used are natural and slightly finished as the intention was to create and even more sensorial experince. Another challenge was the light as the whole space had access to only one window. With the help of some industrial lights projecting warm light the space has gained the warm vibe that the architects intended. The kitchen has been connected with the whole space by an open window and it is also reflected into a big mirror centered on the opposite wall.

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