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Passage Macca Villacrosse Bucharest rehabilitation project

București, România
Authors: arch. Elena-Codina Dușoiu, st.arch. Alexandra Croitoru, st.arch. Elena David, st.arch. Mihaela Ghimpu / UAUIM
Collaborators: conf.dr. arh. Mihai Opreanu, lector dr.arh. Ana Botez, asist. dr. arh. Monica Muresanu, asist. dr. arh. Mihaela Balan

Authors’ Comment

The concept underlying all the proposed interventions Passage Macca - Villacrosse is the recreation of vintage atmosphere , transposing the past period by returning to the initial aesthetics in terms facades . It occurred primarily on signaling passageways Calea Victoriei, on pavement , lighting and layout of the machinery, and especially on billboards , joinery and furniture used , aiming at a recreation of visual balance and rhythm specific to the two passages . Regarding the choice of furniture , this completes the picture unit , but bringing a touch current

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